Chemo Buddy

Comfort for Chemo, Kerry welcomed a wonderful fundraising initiative this year, that not only benefits the charity but more importantly directly benefits the chemotherapy patients in University Hospital Kerry. “Chemo Buddy” is the brainchild of Siobhan Walsh, who along with Norma Doran, of Doran’s Pharmacy, Listowel, brought the concept into being.

It is a beautifully boxed gift set of practical items for people who are going through chemotherapy. Items include creams for your skin, your hands, and lips, all which are suitable to those receiving chemotherapy treatment.

Chemo Buddy

Having had personal experience of treatment with her own cancer journey, Siobhan Walsh fully understood the positive impact this gift box would have on cancer patients. Siobhan recalls her early days of treatment in UHK, when she was struck by how closely all the patients receiving treatment would sit together, due to lack of space and how you would invariably strike up a conversation of support with your “buddy” next to you.

This prompted Siobhan two-fold, to fundraise for a better location for chemotherapy patients in UHK, where they could enjoy space and privacy and to create a gift box that would be a “Chemo Buddy” for those receiving treatment. The result is that proceeds from the “Chemo Buddy” gift sets are going directly to Comfort for Chemo, Kerry, who are fundraising to build a state-of-the-art stand-alone chemotherapy unit on the grounds of UHK.

Since its launch, the response to “Chemo Buddy” has been overwhelming, with many sets gifted to the chemotherapy day ward in UHK. It not only serves as a gift, but as a mark of support for those going through treatment. The “Chemo Buddy” is available in Dorans Pharmacy, Listowel and Ryles Pharmacy, Tralee. In the run up to this busy gifting and shopping season, why not gift directly to someone or donate a gift box to the Chemotherapy day ward.